Advent in Mariazell

Mariazell offers a wide range of program for visitors in winter. In the time of Advent a real fairytale town receives visitors.

Everything is about the Advent of Chiristmas, preperation before the holiday, and the common celebration. The visitor can take a sensual journey from the grey every day life. You can find yourself in colorful swirl, where the common effect  of sounds, scents, view takes people to a glorious heaven.Traditional goods are sold by the local manufactures in the booths at the decorated main square, and also you can find here the body warming punch, mulled wine and doughtnuts.  At this time it’s an obligation to stroll through every part of the town, because we are welcomed everywhere by smalll surprises. 

In the Basilica not only should you participate in a mass, or an organ concert, but also visit museum with exclusive collections, viewing the Betlehem made of more than hundred craved pieces in one of the towers.
The smell of the deservedly famous Pirker gingerbread can be smelled everywhere in the town, but you can taste even you can see how it’s made this more than hundred year old sweetness in the factory. Let’s see the house made from more than one thousand kilogramm of genuine ginger bread.
We can also visit the „Arzberger” liqueur factory, where the healing liquid made of more than ten different kind of hearbs. At the main square of Mariazell you immediately can catch sight of the advent wreth, and an advent calendar formed from a front of one of the houses. Let’s see the Mariazell  manger with alive bullock and donkey. It’s worth travelling on the celebrity railway, and post a letter at the Mariazell Angel post office.  Do not avoid craftsmen’ s  street, where we can make candels, do pottery, and you can admire other craftmen’s secrets.