Alpine Summer in Mariazell

For most of the people can’t be imagine the summer holiday without waterfront. We have a lot possibilities next to Mariazell.

For example: in Erlaufsee, Hubertussee, or the Salza river.

The Erlaufsee is one of the lakes from Mariazellerland. It’s located 4 kilometers far from Magnus Klause, and you can reach easily by walk, bycicle, car(posibble to park), or on the weekends by steam engine train to enjoy the water.

The Erlaufsee is sourended by high mountains, it has a beautiful clear water, nice big free beaches with slides, playgrounds and restaurants.

There is a possibility for boating and scuba diving, and the adults and even the children can try the climbing rope court.



Not so far from Mariazell arise the river Salza, and 30-40 kilometers after you can have an unforgetable adventure for rafting and kayaking.

There is a lot nice and romantic coast next to the town, where you can have a bath and also aveilable for fishing trout.

Hubertussee is just 10 kilometer far from Mariazell and there is also possible to enjoy the water.