Among the mountains...

Mariazell is the perfect starting point of a trip through Styria and Upper Austria.

You can go on a trip in many ways. You can go on foot, by bike, train, car, motorbike, horse or plane. We help our dear guests to choose from and organise the best daily programmes.

We give our guests a Hungarian, an English and a German route planer with the local sights, a map from the town (with all the sights and pedestrian tour routes, bicycle roads).

The motor bikers can choose from a lot of possibilities to enjoy the serpentine roads. At the end of a route there is always a memorable sight.

Who wants to travel by train, he/she will be in 85 km at the St. Pölten on a long narrow track, osculating the “Ötscher Tormäuer”, the wonderful landscape of the Ötscherland –Pielachtal valley. We can even buy your ticket, if you would like.

If you travel by car, we recommend you programmes in 100 km. There are so many things to visit that you can not choose easily.