If you want to confirm your faith

For religious ones and people, who believe in themselves.

Everybody defines the word faith differently. Firstly we think of the religious meaning and its practice. But there are people from who the faith is far away and believe only in themselves.
Mariazell has been a central-and eastern- European shrine since the 1100s visited by pilgrims, where the people go to thank Maria or ask for her help in a difficult life situation. If Maria hears their prayer and helps them, their faith will be much stronger.

People, who has already been to Mariazell and want to go back or who has not visited the town yet and want to take part in a mess in the fascinating Basilica, and than walk through the Calvary or even have lunch, dinner in this beautiful place, we are waiting for them and help them to find the most suitable programmes.

But there are people from who the faith is far away and believe only in themselves. However, this faith becomes uncertain in many ways and these successful or ambitious people cannot find the right way and do not know where to turn. We can help them as well. In this situation you need a place where you can relax a bit, think about, go away from the real life but get to know new people, talk to them and have a good time. 
Mariazell is situated in the colourful Chalk- Alps, where you can find wonderful mountain tops, valleys and passes with beautiful brooks, waterfalls and lakes. You feel as if you were in the Heaven.

If you spend here only a couple of days, you can already feel this wonder.
You can choose from the pilgrim ways, which lead to Mariazell or from the different tour routes in Mariazell Land.
Everybody has the chance to find the way and hereby the key of the secret.
Anybody can follow their own spiritual way with the real route and may find calmness and freedom.