Let's have some adventure

To people who like extreme sports, Marizell is the best place with plenty of sport facilities.

Whether you are motivated by the feeling of freedom or just self defeating, discovering the nature or even being far away from the everyday and having excitement, there are a number of challenges in this place, waiting for you.


Tha Salza, mentioned as the wild water tomato, flows from Mariazell’s neighbourhood.
About 50 km of the river is navigable. The river is suitable for rafting, canoeing and kayaking.
There is an opportunity for beginners to take a one-day tour on the milder section of the river, but the more experienced rafting ones will not suffer from deficit because the rowing becomes really exciting on the river’s rockier and quicker section.
There are 8-personal-rafting-tours, but they also organise 2-personal-rafting-tours for people who aspire to more adventure with rubber canoes. These programmes provide a pleasure day for families and friends. They are appropriate to team-building as well.

Scuba- diving

If you want to take up scuba-diving, come to Mariazell!
The Erlaufsee is a lake, situated near Mariazell, its deep is suitable for this activity.
The lake has beautiful and colourful aquatic life. This sport can be done by beginners too, it provides them real adventure. Harry’s Tauchschule was established in 1979. Well experienced teachers and the most modern methods are waiting for the “water fans”.
For beginners they recommend a 4-day-course, which starts with the practical education, showing DVDs and diving in a swimming pool. After that, you can go scuba-diving into the lake. You have the chance to learn either individually or in a small group. From 8 to 60 years you can enjoy this sport. First of all, you have to get a paper from your state of health.
You can rent the best equipment.
The base can be found 5 km from Magnus Klause

Mountaineering, rock-climbing, caving

 If you want to try climbing, but you haven’t done it yet, go to Erlaufsee and enjoy the rope-way there. If you are professional and are addicted to mountaineering, than you will have a lot of facilities here. In our hotel we give you special tour maps. There are caving-tours with experienced leaders too. Austria’ Grand Canyon is located in the Ötscher Mountain, 10 km from Mariazell. There are more than 230 km- long trip routes. The trip route of the Ötscher- Tomauer Naturpark’s canyon, the Ötschergraben starts here. You can choose from many routes with different levels. The (canyon) valley can be reached only on foot. A lot of routes start from Wienerbruck. There are plenty of waterfalls and caves in the canyon, the most important ones are Wasserfall, Mirafall.