Sport in all quantities

The fans of the active recreation can enjoy the countless sports facilitiesaround Mariazell.


The fans of the active recreation can enjoy the countless sports facilitiesaround Mariazell. The environment and the healthy climate of Mariazellerland inspires the traveler to pay attention to itself and health. Two-hour walk around the city and you'll feel much better.
Our guest can choose from several sporting facilities:

Nordic Walking: The longer and shorter walk and tour roads enmesh the neighbourhood of Mariazell. All roadsare marked with a board. Impossible to get lost. Everyone can decide his own suitable way according with his fitness form.
Mountainbike: For the professionals are recommended the Alpentour and the Romantiktour in the Styrianbicycle network. For the beginners is the Seeberg and Traisental tour is the best choice.
Roller: It is possible to rollering down the valley from the Gemaindealpen or to make a round around the city.
Flight-related sports: Mariazell has its own airport. The fans of the extreme sports can have here some new experiences, they can easily try the paragliding, hang gliding or from a sailplane can enjoy the magnificent mountains. The balloon-tour can provide also an unforgattable novelty for the brave ones.
Climbing: The visitors can have a wide range of mountain-cliff climbing possibilities and in the reception we ensure different maps for the area. For the beginners are recommended the Bujaka Skyline adventure park in the coast of the “Erlaufsee” or the Kreuzmauer climbingpark (with different levels of difficulty) in Köckensattel. There is a 10 meters high artificial climbing wall in the "Mariazellerland Sports Resort". 

Fishing: in Erlaufsee, in Erlaufklause, in the Wienerbrucker Stausee, in the Salzá, in the Hubertusstausee, and in the Walster Salzklamm with a daily fishing ticket. In these lakes are mainly trouts.
Horse-riding: Here the beginners and the advanced riders can have a selection from five different riding hall right near to Mariazell. 

Swimming-pool: Mariazell has a modern swimming-pool, and also offers the following services: children's pool, sauna, steam bath, solariums, infrared cabins.
Mini-golf: The golf course is 400 meters away from the hotel.

Squash: In the JUFA Mariazellerland Sports Resort. Here arealso located various type of indoor and outdoor sports.
Tennis: There is also many possibilities to find the right place for you, but advanced registration is everywhere required.
Wild watersports: rafting, canoe tours of the Enns and Salza. Our hotel is helping to organize everything.
Winter sports: We have all possibilities for the winter sports. There is a several ski and sled-track in Bürgeralpe and in the Geimandealpen and we have also 70 km long cross-country pist in Mariazellerlandban, and one skating track in the city.