Programs, activities

Mariazell offers a wide range of program for visitors in winter. In the time of Advent a real fairytale town receives visitors.
The climate of Mariazell provides a safe snowy skipiste from November to April.
For religious ones and people, who believe in themselves.
Mariazell is the perfect starting point of a trip through Styria and Upper Austria.
For most of the people can’t be imagine the summer holiday without waterfront. We have a lot possibilities next to Mariazell.
Mariazell is the motorcyclists’ popular target from spring to autumn. At every weekend the Main Square is full of “rumbling” machines.
To people who like extreme sports, Marizell is the best place with plenty of sport facilities.
We have some special offer here in Mariazell for the families with children. You can find here adventurepark, wildlife park, mountain rollering, or climbing rope court.
The fans of the active recreation can enjoy the countless sports facilitiesaround Mariazell.   
 Church concerts, Masses, performances, music festivals, traditional and other cultural programs