Mariazellerland is a gift from the heaven

This opinion is coming from the local people, and they are absolutely right. When we arrive here we find ourselves in the heaven.
The city and the surrounding area offers many sights and programs for the visitors. The beautiful natural conditions are mixed with not ordinary buildings, created by human hands.

The rich historical and cultural values are in front of our eyes. The fantastic collection of the Basilica, the exhibitions of the ethnographic museum, the adventure park of the wood-cutters, the pharmacy, the liqueur and the gingerbread manufacture, the small churches, the chapels, and the museums of the area, etc...offer a colourfull experience for everyone.

The choice is quiet difficult. We need weeks to recognize Mariazell and the area. We would like to help to our guest to spend their time in various ways. The visitors can try many various sports or nature activities, but they can also have experiences with the culural values.

We have been collected the sights in 100 km.
Upon arrivalat the reception,for request, we help everyone to compile the holiday program.