The north coastof the Erlaufsee belongs already to Lower Austria. If we go out to the north from Mariazell, also many attractions are waiting for us.

Josefsberg / 15km/, Wienerbruck / 20 km/:departure points to the mountain tours for Ötschergraben.

Annaberg/ 24 km /:"small village with a tower from wood”, St. Anne Church, beautiful panorama, clearly visible view to the Grosser Ötscher’s (1896 m) peak.

Türnitz / 40 km /:bob track, fun for the whole family

Lilienfeld / 55 km /:Lily Field. The largest monastery complex in Austria.

St.Pölten / 80 km /: Austria's youngest provincial capital. There are flashing shiny and exciting Art Nouveau, baroque buildings in the old town. Bishop's Palace, Town Hall Square, Schubert's House, Cathedral, Churches.

Lunzam See / 33 km /:History museum, three crystal-clear lakes: Lunzersee, Mittersee, and the Obersee. You can have wonderful tours next to the lakes. 

Gaming / 40 km /:Ötscher Tormäuer natural park, monastery of Chartreux, the unique  Ötscher-Tropfsteinhöhle, exciting caves.

Melk/ 90 km /:spiritualand cultural center of the area. There is a beautiful baroque Benedictine Abbey next to the Danube River.