Mariazell is mainly known as a pilgrim place. For centuries pilgrims are coming to pray to Maria. The most famous building here is the Basilica.

Mariazell BazilikaMariazell Bazilika

Basilica: this characteristic church with 3 towers is the symbol of the city. It is a special mix from gothic and baroque features, the altar was created by Fischervon Erlach. The museum and the unique collection of the Basilica must be certainly visited. It is recommended to take up the multi-language cassette guided tours. The church has several hungarian aspects. Louis the Great was built the Gothic cathedral, and Cardinal Mindszenty was buried here, and then after the system the ashes was taken to Esztergom.

Heritage House: themuseum's 25 exhibitions show how lived more than 100 years ago, the village people and wood-cutters in the mountains. We can recognize several folk costums, old trades, it’s like a real travel back to the past.

The rock of Magnus:  According to the legend, this rock was closed the way of the missionary, franciscan Klaus Magnus, who was carrying a wooden statue of Maria. But for the effect of his prayers the rock broke and he could continue the way. Later he was built a cell in to the rock for the statue of Maria. The origin and the name of the city is coming from here. Mariazell= Maria is in the cell. The first pilgrims came here. 

Magnus sziklájaArzberger likőrüzem és üzletMariazell Fő tér májusfával

 In every part of Austria and also in Mariazell is important to conservate the traditions. We can look into differnt small local family manufactures, where theproducts are made by traditional craftsmens. In our today's fast modern world is a pleasant feeling to go back in the time.

Pharmacy:In the pharmacy of Mariazell we can feel ourselves like in the last century. The pharmacy can be visited in an organized form, and we can have a look how they prepare the herbal healing products from natural ingredients.

“Arzberger”Liqueurmanufacture:It worth to see how they make this herbal bitters from 33 different natural components. 

The Pirker Gingerbread factory:thePilgrims brought with them food for the long journey.The gingerbread bakery has  300-years  history. WE can visit the factory, and of course after we can take home some sweetness.

Holy well:The water of the well is attributed with a healing power. The pilgrims take it home really often.  

Mechanicalnativity scene:This unique nativity scene is located in the Calvary Mountain in a private house, and it represents 12 scenes from the New Testament with a total of 130 moving figures.

 Museumstramway: The world oldest steam-railway can be seen in the station of Mariazell.Theauthentically restored cars mention the atmosphere of the 19th century. The tourists can travel with this steam-railway to the Erlaufsee on the summer weekends.

Mariazell railway: The 85 kilometers long way offers a romanticjourney between Sankt Pölten and Mariazell. This wonderful route should not be missed. It is passed through the Austrian Grand Canyon-called Ötschergrabenen. Sankt Pölten also offers plenty of attractions to the tourists.

Bürgeralpe: The 1267 meters high mountain of Mariazell can be reached on foot or with lift. It offers a variaty of programs during the summer and also in wintertime. In addition to the spectacular view other experiences are waiting also for the visitors. There is different ski pists, sledge course, amusement park, and an observation tower. Concerts with lasershow were organised by the “Bergwelle” every Friday during the summer.

Holzknechtlandtheme park:In the “Bürgeralpe” located theme park and museum present the life of the wood-cutters and the forest. Tourist train and petting zoo is waiting for the children.

Bürgeralpe_KilátóPanoráma a Bürgeralpe-rólBürgeraple élmánypark_vizimalom

 Gemeindealpe:The highest point of the Mariazell region is located in lower Austria. The 1626 meters high mountain can reached by a lift, and from the top we have abeautiful viewof the surrounding mountains. It is a really popular winter resort. The sport for the summertime is: to reach the valley with a roller. It is possible just from 8 years and in a helmet.

 Erlaufsee: The crystal-clear lake of Mariazellerland. Suitable for swimming and aquatic sports.

Salza:  The 88 km long river (near by Mariazell) is well known among the tourists for rafting. Also several hiking trails are running through it. It is possible to fishing for trout with a daily ticket.