Mariazell isin the northern part of Styria. It’s an ideal starting point to visit all the attractions of the green heart of Austria (Styria).

Direction south-east of the No. 23 post: This area is marked for "the most beautiful natural beauty" on the maps. Tonion mountain, Schneealpe, Altenberg Rax, Mürzer Oberland Naturpark.

Mürzsteg / 30 km /:Franz Joseph’s hunting castle

Neuberg / 38 km /:Cisztercica Abbey, a gothic church and monastery, where classical concerts are held during the summer time. Natural History Museum, Museum of Mining

Mürzzuslag / 50 km /:Winter Sports Museum, spectacular exhibition.

Semmering area: / 65 km /Semmering Railway, Gloggnitz Castle, Castle Klamt, Church of Mariaschutz

 It is also a beautiful experience to stop next to the Salza river in several places, for example: Weichselboden /25 km/

 Wildalpen: /42 km/, beautiful wild nature, it presents the life of the wood-cutters, good starting point for the rafting-tours.

 PalfauWaterfalls / 60 km /:We should climb up 900 m high to see this wonderful sight, when 5 different waterfalls meet at the same place.

 Eisenerz/ 90 km /:This 1517 meters high mountain was the mining center. Thered pyramid shaped mountain is a real spectacle of the Alps. A tourist-train carry the visitors into the bottom of the mine, but outside the brave entrepreneurs can have an unforgettable experience with a giant dump truck.


Gollrad/ 18 km /, Seebergsattel / 20 km /:starting point of thehiking trails to the Hochschwab mountain.


Kapfenberg/ 55 km /:Castle of Oberkapfenberg, Rettenwand caves, museums, monuments

Bruckan der Mur / 60 km /:charmingcity, the center of the region, lot of monuments